Vampyric beings – an expanding list

I’m sure many of us are somewhat familiar with vampire types, be those examples fictional or not.

From slick, blood thirsty revenants, to mindless eater zombies, to people of magic cheating death, to those who were never human in the first place. Vampyric beings cover a very broad spectrum, worldwide and throughout history.

Why are these tales and accounts so wide spread?

Where one ancient culture exists, there may be an even older one under its feet.

Travel is something truly prehistoric, ancient documents offer us accounts of cultural mingling, stories from others and epic adventures that span across time and geographical space. The term travel may come from an old word meaning work/labour, so as long as the word travel has been in use, their was a motive of venturing somewhere for a purpose, if people could travel then work in a new location, than there has to be some degree of understanding among foreigners, so stories may have been easily shared, or perhaps, people back then saw what we don’t today?

Tales and accounts of vampires often feature other shifters, such as werewolves, aswell as witchcraft; so often an origin story, these stories fleshed out with fantastical romance, stealing of innocence, wariness of the newcomer, fear of the hermit, condeming of those who won’t accept the ways.

As much as paranormal stories deliver a source of interest, entertainment, or fear, it’s worth noting that often, they exist as a means of potential propaganda pieces, which are no fun at all for the accused.


Scary, inhuman beasts can unite people, bringing what really matters into perspective, they can also drive people into a ditch of despair and hopelessness, but then, there’s also paranoia.

Poverty plays a large role in accounts of the dead rising and humans as a food source. When poverty won’t shift, many people turn to the notion of this being a supernatural attack.

Manipulating the populous could prove a practical way to control them. That universal threat has everybody falling in line.

In a society were the general public must follow their leader, innocent and sound advice like “don’t talk to strangers”, “don’t follow strangers”, “don’t let strangers into your home” can easily extend to ‘don’t mingle with outsiders, don’t trade with them, don’t work with them, don’t befriend them, don’t express any interest because who knows they’re intentions’. Exclusion of outside influence often isn’t good for industry, but there’s the threat of competition trader to trader, along with the worry of people questioning the ways they’re accustomed to.

The real threat of sinister people prowling around at night like a nocturnal animal has the added element of authentic, predatory beasts being out, aswell as cryptids and demonic beings that are a mystery to us, who knows what horrors something that defies our understanding of nature could possess? A potential trouble maker not only not being part of society, but not a part of humanity is a creative way to explain away differences and undesirablity.

Still, I don’t rule out these beings existing.


Poverty usually plays a part in environmental chaos. Poverty usually boil down to famine, pestilence and war, issues we are aware of, yet many of us fortunately aren’t too versed in, still, that other horseman crossed paths with even the most comfortable of people, this being death. No matter how well one may live, death affects and effects us all, often partnering with the injustice of his former three comrades.


Surprising, death can place a fortunate person into abject poverty quickly, for example, the death of a loved one can change the circumstances of a household and even those outside of it, say the departed is the breadwinner whose every penny was swallowed up in expenses or savings inaccessible, they may be that invaluable person who helps someone outside the household, they could even be the beloved family pet who has left the home a depressing shell of people who now just exist. So many, when feeling hopeless and looking to what is and isn’t fair or right, may blame this spell of misfortune on a curse, yet where would such a curses come from? Who casts it? Who benefits?

Various cultures renovated their beliefs, generally for political reasons, say, a new leader wants to merge beliefs for easier leadership


It’s worth noting that there are stories of witchcraft being used to extend lives and/or restore youth, often at the expense of others; vampires for example.

Elizabeth Bathory for example was rumoured to bath in the blood of females to extend her youth, just as Cleopatra was said to bathe in milk. However there is little evidence that the stories of Elizabeth Bathory hold any truth and weren’t just slander of a wealthy shut in. In a similar sense, a very elderly person, often a woman, who, to be frank, may not look like your average living, aging person (anymore), who may be from a generation with ways that aren’t too common anymore, who may also live alone, could easily find themselves isolated be


We are inundated with stories of powerful, inhuman beings, becoming attracted to regular human women; there’s just that something about her that has resulted in her being the chosen one. They may date back to the tales of the angels/sons of god, coming down to earth and taking human wives, yet there are fellow old stories of witches having a pacts with demonic types who will turn on her if not satiated with blood, one being the east African Impundulu; a familiar who looks like an attractive male, feeds off blood and will turn on his witch owner. A witch is said to commonly pass this being off to her daughter. Accounts of this being could be one of the many roots of the sexy vampire genre.


Rationing vs the rich. The luxury of hoarding as opposed to the need to stock up and look after assets. With the universal threats of theft along with the power those of high status possesses, fear thy neighbour and wariness of the alien at the door are common divisions.

Each side often beleives the grass is greener for their supposed polar opposite, yet one thing that is prevalent in many cultures is fear at what the wealthy are doing and are capable of. Foreign wealthy are a particularly mysterious entity, subject to various stories that get lost in translation in the best case scenarios, ot are highly fabricated. To some, the cut-aboves aren’t just different socially, but a whole other species; their riches are obtained entirely at the expense of the every day person who is little but livestock, economically and physically. Whilst vampires amongst the poor are often a loved one returning as a nuisance revenant who locals know how to deal with, a wealthy person in power is harder to see off.

Now here’s a list of beings from across the world.

An A -Z with briefings on assorted vampires from various cultures, depicting a range of supposed species.

Body snatching light beings

The Loogaroo, Asema and Soucouyant of west indie and South American folklore is vampiric entity. This being is said to begin life as a human who managed via witchcraft to exit their flesh body as ball of light or fire, their body is then but a sac of saggy skin. These beings will sap people of their blood and may even use their victim as replacement flesh.

These beings are generally depicted as elderly ladies, similar to the universal old hags, who were often witches, within fairytales. The scary old hag has many discriminatory ties, from resentment at the frail elderly who can do little in the community, to the surprise at the appearance of the very advance aged, to changes in times and erasure of the old ways in place for the newest wave, a keen example being the numberours witch trials of the middle ages which saw a load of culture and knowledge lost and an assortment of people forced to adapt or die if they even had any choice.

At the same time, if someone is cheating death and not gaining youth, continued aging fits.

Similar to the west African adze, who can turn into a number of bugs, famously, a firefly, to sneak up on people and consume blood.

This being is an interesting one, as it is also known to causes chaos in communities by consuming palm oil and coconut water, valuable foods that could be staples in maintaining good health.

Cryptids, shifters, animals

In west Africa folklore we have asanbosam and sasabonsam, two humanoid beings that ambush humans and feast on blood.

Both creatures have bat-like characteristics, tying in with European and Indian depictions of vampires within medieval and modern stories. The sasabonsam are described to look like a human and bat merger, whilst the asanbosan looks human, only it hangs from trees with hook like feet.

African and middle eastern hyena shifters are often depicted as shamans who are keen on bloodletting. Another presentation is that of a handsome men who seduce women to eat in private

Deities and spirits

Throughout the ages and all over the world, many similar tales and images exist.

Beings that are ‘nature itself’ in its many aspects are at the heart of many stories. Nature is something many of us are moving further away from, take the words; paranormal, supernatural and even alien, they all fall into vague descriptions of ‘things not understood’, yet even areas in nature understood enough to receive a name such as; biology, chemistry or physics, aren’t understood in their entirity.

Within numberous cultures, Aztec being a well known one, humans were essentially in debt to the gods and could only repay them in blood. Human sacrifice would be a high honour. Human remains were often consumed for assorted, ritualistic reason; sometimes someone chosen to represent a deity will be propped up as sacrifice, whilst the eating may be done by the human representations of the gods intended to receive the offering, along with assumed nobility.

Ancient Egypt has the godess Sekhmet, a sun god and warrior who turned land into dessert, initially tasked to slay unruly humans. Inspite of being a destructive god known for bloodlust, frenzied behaviour and getting drunk drinking a river of blood that wasn’t as it looked, Sekhmet is also looked to as a harvest god, harvest gods and blood sacrifice are common partners, she is also the goddess of menstruation, along with being a healer who continues to look after valiant pharaohs after death. Sekhmet looks a merger of a woman and a lioness. I found this article that also speculates Sekhmet being an early vampire.

In recent years, an oral account said to be eons old know as ‘Scriptures of Delphi’ also speak of the character Ambrogio, has emerged. This story serves as a Selene story that alters her canon from a titan and the moon itself, to human turned moon godesses. Within this story, Ambrogio takes on a number of trials set by the gods which result in him taking on a range of afflictions that equate to the vampires many of us are familiar with.

They’re not all blood thirsty

Black eyed children

The incubus and sucubus are said to draining lifeforce during sexual intercourse, however the incubus is also said to also attack by inflicting mild, nuisance cold like symptoms on people, whilst sucubus are also known for presenting as the sleep paralysis hag that sits on people in bed.

Psychic vampires

A.K.A energy vampires are a fairly new phenomenon used in the psychological field. Someone who “saps the life out of a conversation/room” may be described as an energy vampire.

Referances in modern Pop culture

The character Eugene Tooms in the tv series X-files bough some similarities to the caribean soucouyant, a being that is said to come to be by extracting oil from a deceased persons liver. Eugene is able to stretch his skin to get into people’s homes via vents so that he could steal their liver.

Eugene has lives an unnaturally long life and no explanation is given as to what he is. Eugene was an unassuming man who appeared to have gotten by working unglamorous jobs that could be carried out alone.

That quiet person, likely an introvert, who nobody knows anything about is often subject to suspicion, harsh and unreasonable judgement and accusations. Others lack of respect for them down to the mutual lack of communication and it’s easy to place blame on outsiders.

On the other hand, how would a mutant/former human, who has always been within society but hasn’t any means, knowhow or want to leave, manage to get by. They would have to be inconspicuous.

The TV show Dark Shadows, it’s 2012 film adaptation and the movies and reboots between, we have a family vampire within a very wealthy household, headed by a matriarch.

Check out the ‘Impundulu’ within the segments ‘Witchcraft’ above.

The 1992 film adaptation of Stephen King’s Sleepwalkers has werecat, psychic vampires who feed off the lifeforce of virginal females. They are potentially the last of their species, their age and lore is unknown. The two of them drift from town to town in search of prey, all rests upon the son to seduce young females and bring them to the household.

Both characters are very popular predatory models. We don’t see the mother making any effort to lure in females and I’m not sure whether or not they absolutely must feed on virgins who are female, yet the mother is glamorous looking and could easily be the attractive older lady archetype of media, who could easily gain the attention of young males, whilst the son plays the roughly high school age badboy type.

The Netflix series Brand New Cherry Flavour offers us a backstory that begins in pre-columbian south America, were long ago, a human learnt magic from a leopard spirit and went on to prosper, only this feline expected blood sacrifices in return. The human in the present remains in existence as a spirit who possesses the bodies of the living.

The leopard spirit may be inspired by a deity of the Olmec culture, simply because it’s one of the archaic cultures that little is know of.

The Underworld franchise has a leading character named Selene. Selene is a vampire assassin who hunts lycan.

A lot like the story of Ambrogio with a twist, this is a female enduring trials who has gained power from the blood of her lover. Lycan are similar to werewolves, the latter beings transform during a full moon, Selene is a/the moon godesses.

The film What we do in the shadows, along with its tv spinoff, are mockumentaries that features vampires living*, every day lives. The tv series features an energy vampire as a leading character, an immortal, dreary office worker, cantankerous pest and internet troll who feeds off frustration and boredom. This series has introduced few other species of energy vampires with different specialties, one who relays sad stories and feeds off pity and another who gets stoned with others and feeds off their stupor.

We are all individuals, everyone has a right to an existence, it’s not realistic to only be around people who we like, so socially, sometimes we have to put up with others we would rather be away from or, depending on the situation and relationship, live in hope that they will alter their ways. These are generally things we always have to endure. Labels for those based on how we feel around them are common, so the concept that the likes of dread at being around a certain someone, or being used to seeing someone always chilled; so relaxed that people feel the same around them, is a clever metaphor.

Dio of Jojo’s bizarre adventure doesn’t drain blood via biting, but by embedding his fingers into people. He became a vampire thanks to an antique mask, this mask is a contraption that has spikes on it that penetrate the wearer. The mask was created by ‘The pillarmen‘; an ancient species that are somewhat like humans, however they have the ability to consume humans by absorbing people into their bodies.

The pillarmen fit well into the likes of Aztec or Maya folklore. Maya culture for example remains mysterious in spite of a load of information being out there. Maya culture has a number of accounts of ‘ends’ within the well known calendar, whilst the Aztec culture has a number of resets/ages that will bring forth new beings – in one story, the earth itself craved human blo deities crafting new humans using the remains of the old ones occur more than once.


Real life accounts

On a technical level, does a dependency on blood transfusions count as vampirism? People who indulge in vampiric acts can bring about illness, let alone stigma and though consuming human blood is a bizarre pastime, it’s possible that it can bring about a dependency? A strong need to have something becoming an addiction.

Listverse offers a good article with citations.

Humans and animals.

Personally, my closest experiences with being I would deem vampires have been within dreams.

I have three accounts, all three stood out because I became suddenly exhausted before or after dreaming:

1. I had a sudden migraine and headed to bed, I saw a shadow figure walking in front of me, however seeing shadows and flashes are something I have seen numberours times during migraines, yet when I went to bed and slept immediately, I found myself in a dream with what I knew to be the same shadow figure, only this time it was presenting as a cat, it told me it’s name, said it was a vampire and let me know that it would live in a certian plant in the garden, this plant soon after began to brown and inspite of efforts made, won’t return to it’s original state.

2. I had a black eyed child dream. I was awake in the morning and feeling fine, yet suddenly became exhausted and lay back down. Instantly I was dreaming, within this dream, a little girl showed up at the front door, she spoke no English but was deferment to have me usher her into my home. I had hold of her wrist, trying to hold her hand and stand by the gate, looking for a potential parent who is searching for their child, but she would wriggle and get pointing and jerking towards the indoors, I noticed her eyes upon trying to hold her hand and remember the feeling of her skin, regardless of this being a dream; she was very sticky. I knew to not let her in my home. She pulled a load, not particularly stronger than any other child, but then I heard and felt a cracking, knowing it was her arm dislocating or breaking, but I looked down to see she was missing. I heard a childs laughter to the side of me, in that direction, there was a large blue tarpooling on the ground, ontop of it was a slim like substance I just knew was the same stickiness on this girls arm, it began to bubble, then the tarp began to rise, as if a body was forming underneath it. This is where I woke up, and I was exhausted the remainder of the day!

3. The week that followed the above dream had me dropping off back to sleep inspite of feeling fine yet again. This time I was on a beach by a clifside, I was stood in very clear, shin deep water, balanced on large, dark grey pebbles when a large group of people, who looked like they could have been merged together, rushed towards me and ambushed me in a hug. This wasn’t remotely pleasant, as I only saw and heard them for a moment, they seemed friendly in disposition and looked like laidback newagers, however when they did get a hold of me, I realized their fingers were injected into my torso and they were draining my energy, a lot like the method of vampirism of Dio, mentioned above. They did soon leave, one woman behind them told me “they always do that”, before I woke up, exhausted!

Do you believe that there are beings just out of sight,?

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Never have writers block again!📝

Writers block.

What is it?

According to Royal literature fund (

“Writer’s block is a temporary or lasting failure to put words on paper. It can hit every writer, if only for a few minutes or a day or two, but it becomes a real problem when the writer is not reaching targets and when they feel incapable of completing a piece of work.”

Yet this is very, formal, business, many aren’t here (yet) unless they’re in full time education. According to the wikipedia article, that uses a citation from Mike Rose’s 1984 book Writer’s block : the cognitive dimension

Writer’s block is a condition, primarily associated with writing, in which an author is unable to produce new work or experiences a creative slowdown. This creative stall is not a result of commitment problems or the lack of writing skills.[1] The condition ranges from difficulty in coming up with original ideas to being unable to produce a work for years. Writer’s block is not solely measured by time passing without writing. It is measured by time passing without productivity in the task at hand.[1]

This excert may be more inclusive of those who wish to get into writing, but don’t know where to start, along with hobbie writers who struggle to keep it up.

Now we’re on the same page, I will move on to offering tips, starting with.

Pick up a book

Sometimes, a lack of creativity isn’t the problem, putting pen to paper* is. People struggle to start for example down to reason like not being able to figure out what writing style works for them.

We have first, second and third person writing. You may appreciate reading a narration style story but feel a lack of immersion whilst writing. Voice in the head may sound wrong in a book but right in an instruction manual booklet. “I headed to my boat” and “I grabbed a hold of ..” may not feel right to one person, yet someone else doesn’t mind.

Sometimes, it helps to look at; how others portray their stories, think back to what you found easy to read, what you found difficult to read, what, if any, proved an exception and why to all.

If you could do with creative inspiration however, look to the works of others, it is what’s at the heart of most of our creativity in general.

Inspired 🐁

We have a load freehand ink sketches that are highly detailed with plenty of repetition, some of  the same drawing redrawn.

Further down in this article, I have a segment named ‘look all around’, which touches upon artwork and inspiration.

Anthropomorphic animals and demons are common throughout these, along with hybrids. Humans and odd beings interacting is essentially a fantasy staple.

We know Disney for fairy tales, yet have you asked yourself why fairy tales are so popular? Cautionary tales, conditioning made easy, entertainment from times of few books and zero transmissions, or all? These stories have lasted the test of time, some have regional variations and there are sequels and retelling made many years later by different authors (nothing has changed).

It’s also worth mentioning that a lot of older stories are within the public domain, meaning (do check first) you are allowed to adapt them, faithfully or loosely.

Some public domain works

Watch the box

TV and films get a bad rap for being creativity killers and mind control devices, claims that actually aren’t wrong. Influences guiding us begins at a young age in general, so ‘child friendly’ content can set a standard early, yet people continue to seek leadership within mainstream media, being influenced by public figures to buy and even vote a certain way.

So what if you want to write non fiction, reporting on what you have seen on screen for example, doing your own research, offering a narrative that better suits you, reflective of your viewpoint; bias or impartial – whatever suits.

Works of fiction are research worthy too.

Personally, I enjoy horror and fantasy, and since tv and film can be so repetitive, most things seem familiar and are thus predictable, yet cliches can work in your favour, as someone may enjoy a genre so much that they seek out, for example, a tv show like another they enjoyed a lot.

In addition to satisfying the audience, many writers are pushing a narrative, coding messages under something fantastical is common for example and when something is present persistently, I’m inclined to believe that we’re being told aggressively something. A writer may have their own ‘verse/lore inwhich assorted works of theirs aren’t unrelated, yet when something is adapted to our screens, chances are there is a big team of writers, who know what’s trending, what is going to trend, what there sponsors want to push, how to promote other works they profit from and how to prop up rising stars.

You may find that a lot of big budget productions don’t satiated you and choices made may be questionable, the argument of changes made to books within adaptations is a common one, yet these projects are likely to still be a monetarily successful because of those involved.

Writing is business before passion for some, don’t try and measure your success with big business.

Get interactive!

We now have interactive tv shows and movies on the likes of Netflix. I recently tuned into a interactive film set in the home of the wrestler ‘The Undertaker‘, this was put forward as a haunted house genre and had little to do with wrestling, it was alot like a board game and I enjoyed it.

In addition, we have videogames. Totally immersive, you put your time in, progress (have to try harder of its tough) and watch a story play out. Many games are highly detailed and plenty are part of a franchise, so why not get to know the story, it’s characters and the many fine details?

In addition, sites like offer auto generated writing prompts.


These days, many of us pass the time on our handheld devices, watching videos, reading text, scrolling around apps looking to pass the time.

Keeping up with current events can provide excellent content ideas, aswell as the opportunity to converse with others where you may struggle to so when addressing dated and fringe topics. Chatting may also expand your knowledge and opinion.

Have you thouragly checked out the apps you use? There are likely features you are unaware of.

I was on Instagram when by accident, I discovered the ‘alt text’ feature, that allows you to add a description of your images that doesn’t appear within your comment. You can add a description to all images of a photo set. The aim is to assist those with visual impairments. I am working on adding alt text descriptions to all my images as a means of helping whoever may come across them, yet I have found a further benefit in doing this, that is the opportunity to expand on my writing. I try to describe the images, which are mainly scenes from a comic series, to a T; what the characters look like, what they are wearing, their expression and the scenery around them, such clarity is something expected within a book.

Look up!

I remember seeing a YouTube video inwhich the day and night sky were visible side by side. This I found to be very odd. It just so happened that the moon had been visible in the sky during the day quite a lot, yet in my experience, the sky is always the bright blue I’m use to. If you found this interesting, it may be worth looking into this phenomenon? Why is the moon visible in the day? When can you catch the moon in the sky during the day? Maybe this got the ball rolling into moon and sun beliefs, such as lunar, solar and sky deities in general.

Based on the video, I was inspired to draw and set a scenery for my series ‘Seaing Beeing’, a paranormal series set within an uncharted island territory inwhich the sun and moon are always visible and it’s always sunrise/sunset.

Expanding further, I gave the scenery a storyline of it’s own; an in story explanation, that is ofcourse, supernatural.

Whilst on topic of the sky…

Do you believe in astrology?

Do you know the difference between astrology and astronomy?

Have you ever done a deep dive into either?

Look down!

Everything finds it’s way to the ground. It’s almost symbolic, no matter what your beliefs.

What is on the ground before you?

Are you a tidy minimalist? Do shoes come off in the hallway? Are there projects you have yet to finish laying around? Do you enjoy cleanin? Do you have a wooden floor blanketed in a rug you rescued from a skip? When did you last sit on the ground, or lay down on the floor and take in a worm eyed view?

Has anybody been laid to rest who may or may not have ment something to you, do you have stories to look back on or did you feel you didn’t know a lot about them, what would you be doing if they were still here? These questions could easily apply to a family member, friend, past abuser, that quiet neighbour, public figure or beloved pet.

Look all around!

What is in your immediate environment?

What colour are your walls? Do you have wallpaper? Who decorated and why were such choices made? Do you have artwork on the wall? If so, did you make it, were you gifted it, did you choose it and what do you know about the artist?

Artwork can prove very though inspiring within writing.

Reference 🖼➡️🖥

Art doesn’t need to be complex, highly detailed or “beautiful“, it just needs to exist, yet if you do want to produce works that are aesthetically pleasing, you can do it!

Get crafty

As we established, viewing a work of art can drum up ideas, but you don’t have to splash the cash to observe artwork, you don’t even need to leave the house.

Try drawing something, anything, or looking over past sketches – these can all serve as concepts. Allow the concept art to be your storyboard. What story could you imagine up based on what you see, what you made. Why did you draw this?

Skill level doesn’t matter, as stated prior, the artworks existence is what’s most important.

Go outside

You don’t need to get out much to appreciate nature and what it has to offer, however, stepping outside and being open to things you may have missed or dismissed can bring about plenty to write home about.

Can you really say you’re able to identify every tree you pass? The dates certain properties were built and what the name of that particular architecture is?

Statues, could you identify these historical figures?

Do you see this text? Remember to look closer at things. 🙂

Hope all this helps, this isn’t the end but happy writing people.


Fungi kingdom!

Not really a tree

Not really a plant

Fungi is a being of it’s own.

🖼2012 perhaps? I quite like mushrooms.🍄

Plants, trees and fungi have a mind of their own, they really aren’t understood too well, they are studied constantly with a new finding coming out reasonably often.

What sets fungi aside?

Plants for example have a mind of their own in addition to not wanting to be eaten, they are capable of making those who eat their seed and fruits sick, yet it seems assimilating with a consumer may well be the fungi’s motivate.

Thought fungus are an essential part of nature and seems to have a good relationship with soil (whatever that is?), it has no loyalty to trees and plants, consuming them subtly be them dead or alive, and chances are the appetite of the fungus goes unnoticed. Down to assimilation and their ease at cloning, they’re often bigger than they look too.


So if fungi are potentially in it for themselves and don’t care weather or not those they use are alive or dead, it brings about the question…

What is its motive?

There are a number of theories throughout pop culture and science, such as fungi being a prehistoric entity that is being underestimated, to fungi being aliens.

Recently, a German film named The Privilege (Das Privileg) offered us the notion of (spoiler ahead) a certian mushrooms being a host and partner to a network of fallen angels aiming to live in a human body.

Within Resisent Evil 8, A.K.A Resident Evil Village, the most recent Resident Evil game of said franchise, we are offered a backstory to all its predecessors, inwhich we learn (spoiler ahead) that the virus responsible for zombies mutations was a spinoff of research done on a large fungi, that had a symbiotic relationship with the leading villain.

What are fungi capable of?

Day to day alternatives

Fungi are commonly used in composting as a means of speeding up decomposition, yet efforts are being made to create an ethanol as a byproduct of this process, which can then be used in making fuel.

Mushrooms are said to be great for harness vitamin d2, (the plant variant of vitamin d) as they grown by responding to light, and even though store bought mushrooms are grown using synthetic light, there is an argument that certian synthetic lights can trick the body into making more vitamin d, so this may tie in with their growth. Down to vitamin d2, mushrooms are a great go to for those who don’t eat meat, in addition, mushrooms have now ventured into world of faux leather, popularity rising as it’s durable, fibrous and speedy to produce.

Breaking down material and cleaning up the environment.

Cheating death?

Some fungi are known for a repetitive cycle of breaking down then returning to life a new, barely comparable to the seasons of a non perennial tree or plant that still need to maintain its state. A lot like the sea urchin, this may well be a means of eternal life?



Fungi can thrive in a fleshy environment, turn beings into a mindless zombies.


Insects such as ants can become the host for a fungi that uses them as an automatic vehicle, intent to journey to the top of a blade of grass, bite down hard and hold position long passed death, so that the shroom can spore back into the environment. In addition, moths have been known to become a host body, one seemingly more comfortable than the tree the moth find themselves perished onto.


We may not need to worry about shrooms turning us into zombies? It’s assumed that the likes of of human has a more complex composition than that of creepy crawlies, with not only a greater means of filtration, but the ability to benefit from certain shrooms harmful to bugs. Still, fungi can be the cause of a number of ailments, from nuisances to those serious.


Just as a fungi can cause disease by interfering with the bodies chemistry, fungi can do just that to help. Mushrooms are used to alter bodily activities and can mimic hormones, affecting moods and behaviours, for this reason, they are commonly used within meditations for the likes of anxiety and depression, aswell as being core ingredients in painkillers and treatments in physical conditions.


Though studies are modern, they tie in with stories of old, our ancestors were onto something…

Shrooms throughout history

Prior to scientific findings used within today’s academia, that are almost deemed mandatory in order to hold credibility, old cultures knew nature, used nature’s bounty and had success.

Assorted cultures , throughout the continents feature mushrooms within their believe systems for assorted uses, from medicinal, to spiritual and ritualistic.

The old ways remain alive today.


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Village: fine details. Resident Evil 8 – expanding lists of parallels

This research took weeks!

Not only swatting each and every little thing that could be, but refreshing the memory of TV shows, books and films, sometimes revisiting these media’s was necessary, so feel free to share and reference back, this list will likely expand.

This article is citations heavy and though I read through these pages, I can’t guarantee the sensitivity of every link I provided I in no way hold affiliated to any.

*Spoilers are ahead*

Potential name etymology and other references



Miranda is derived from the latin word ‘mirandus’, meaning marvelous and miraculous.

Mother can be a cult ranking, along with a title for a particularly nurturing church.

Miranda’s picture of herself with Eva, combined with the content of this game, parallels the black madonna, an image of mother and child which is commonly known to be Mary and Jesus but may predate them, she is generally viewed as a godess. Japan has a black Madonna statue with the title ‘ave maria’, similar names to Eva and Miranda. Black madonna is generally connected with healing, motherhood and rebirth, also known as the black virgin, often associated with Isis; the Egyptian godesses who worked hard to resurrect Osiris and became a mother during the process.

Miranda branded herself prophet of the black god, she healed the sick villagers and indoctrinated them. In slavic culture, the god Czernobog/Chernobog is known as the black god, associated with misfortune such as sickness, chaos and famine.

Miranda is similar to Isis, an Egyptian godesses known for resurrection and motherhood, who like Miranda often sports wings and a halo (the halo could be part down to a mix up with another god named Hathor). In ancient Egyptian culture is preserving people in jars, generally people of high status.


Rose A.K.A Rosemary

The name Rose may mean ‘fame’ or ‘famous’ in old Germanic and English entomology, though Rose’s full first name is confirmed to be Rosemary, an evergreen shrub and herb said to have a range of medicinal properties, in addition, Rosemary may be two words, ros (dew) and marinus (of the sea), plus Rosemary may be Rose (cited above) and Mary, a name with a number of potential meanings along with famous biblical figures attached, such as the mother of jesus.

Winters as a surname is known to mean born at winter time.

Rosemary’s origins are a lot like those of Horus, the special Egyptian deity, born to a clued up mother and dad who was murdered prior to Horus’s conception. Miranda not only has similarities to Isis, but shapeshifted into Mia and lived as her for few days.



Donna a title of Italian origin used prior to a females name, like madam. Beneviento could be of Spanish origin and may mean mean ‘good’ (bene) and wind (viento), which is suited to her airborne powers, also similar to benvenuto, meaning ‘welcome’ . In addition may bere similarities to the word benevolent; suiting of the haunted house theme.

Donna’s outfit is a lot like Victorian heavy mourning wear aswell as an outfit the likes of a parent would wear in order to manage a child in a photograph whilst not really featuring in the picture themselves. Raises questions regarding if Donna is in a constant state of mourning or if her outfit is a means of showcasing Angie.

Angie resembles a puppet but is verified to be a porcelain doll. She resembles a bisque doll; a porcelain doll that generally has a matt finish, more specifically a composition doll; known for being hardier than other porcelain dolls and often have flexible limbs.

Donna has powers over the plants infected by the mutamycete. The mutamycete is the mold Evelyn from Resident Evil 7 is made from and has control over. In RE7, Evelyn traveled on a boat named Annabelle, Annabelle was built in or completed in 1987, the same year Claudia Beneviento, an unknown relative of Donna’s was born. The movie Annabelle features a doll that doesn’t resemble the original, it’s more sinister and doesn’t look like a doll somebody would typically gift to a child, a lot like Angie. The movie is based on the real life case of a medical student identified as Donna, gifted the doll by her mother. Donna had a roommate identified as Angie. Donna Beneviento’s level bears similarities to the films with the assorted entities and means of bothering people personally.

Berengario’s chalice is found in Donna’s territory, this name produces few results when researched, though it’s worth noting that the Beneviento’s appear to be the only aristocratic family to not lose their property.

Claudia, the name of the child on a grave, is the same name as the vampire child in the book and film ‘interview with the vampire’. This Claudia feels she is an adult trapped in a child’s body. Angie the doll, who Donna expresses herself through, wears a wedding dress and veil, but plays hide and seek.

In addition, meet a mini boss named Urias Drac when repairing Claudia’s headstone, he is one of two Urias Drac, meaning giant (Urias) and demon/devil (Drac). Drac makes up part of the name Dracula, the well known vampire story. This Urais Drac works with the moroaciă; a vampire like being, whilst the other works with the samcă. Alcina Demetrescu, the ‘tall vampire lady’ is responsible for the creation of both the moroaciă and samcă


Lady D

Alcina, sorceress and alluring woman from an old Italian poem. Greek origin but also known to Spain and Portugal. Generally a surname.

Dimitrescu similar to Dimitri from the greek harvest godesses Demeter; meaning flower of Demeter, yet a slavic or Russian variation. Alcina wears three flowers to represent her 3 daughters.

Note that capcom have a character named Demitri, a vampire who lives in a castle in Romania.

‘Escu similar to esque meaning like/similar to.

Alcina and her daughters holds similarities to Demeter and Persephone:

• Demeter is a mother who is depicted as a feminine woman of middle age who often wears a headpiece

offering made to her include flowers (roses listed), wine and bat shaped items

winged serpents pulled her chariot

• there’s a women only festival in honor of Demeter and her daughter Persephone, whilst Alcina has little interested in keeping men around

• Demeter grew depressed when her daughter was taken to the underworld to marry Hades; the god of the dead, Alcina’s daughters died before her

• Demeter’s daughter is well respected within witchcraft whilst Alcina’s are known as witches, like Alcina’s daughters, Persephone, who’s other name is Kora/Kore, meaning maiden, holds a dualism of being an innocent maiden and loving daughter, yet a powerful figure who could do damage

Alcina and her daughters parallel dracula and his brides, also often depicted as a blonde, brunette and redhead, though with a polar opposite spin, as Alcina does not seek love or companionship. In addition we get housekeepers notes depicting their time at Lady Dimitrescu’s place, a bleak and suspect environment with horrors around the corner, whilst Dracula is told via letters.

Alcina named her eldest Bela, same spelling of Bela Lugosi, a Hungarian classic film actor well known for playing Dracula, the region of Hungary Bela (Béla) was born is now Romania. In addition, there was a serial killer known as Bela Kiss, known for pickling his victims in barrels – the Demetrescu family preserve their victims and food scores in a similar manner.

Cassandra is Alcina’s middle daughter and the one she communicates with most. Cassandra is also the name od a character in the book ‘stolen’, second book of the ‘women of the otherworld’ series. This Cassandra is the vampire representative.

Alcina becomes a dragon, the balaur is a dragon in Romanian folklore that’s known for demanding maidens or the princess and is often defeated by a handsome man who undergoes trials. Alcina feeds of regular humans and has a wine known as ‘maiden’s blood’. Ethan Winters, the protagonist, first faces Alcina, lead to believe his daughter is within her home.

Alcina Dimitrescu in her dragon form, a heavily veined beast who was gasping for blood, her smaller humanoid form almost rises ontop of the wider dragon.


Karl Heisenberg

Karl is a German version of the name Charles, meaning ‘free man’ fitting of the character who wanted to leave his leader/capture.

Heisen like haißen to call, to name berg known to mean mountain, hill, mine, shelter, protect, suiting as his factory is high up and out the way.

Likely named after Werner Karl Heisenberg, a theoretical physicist and one of the pioneers of quantum mechanics, yet may be in part inspired by Walter White of breaking bad, a chemistry teacher turned druglors who went under the name Heisenberg.

Stylistically similar to the titular character of 2004 Van helsing, who undergoes a biological process and become a werewolf. Worth noting that RE8 Karl has a hammer similar to one used by the Urias; a large lycan, who like Karl, was promoted prior to the game release date, possibly teased to be the same character. In addition, like RE8, Van Helsing 2004 featured what appeared to be robitically reanimated corpses. There is also a found footage film called Frankenstein’s army which features mechanical zombies similar to those of this game.

These references incorporate physics, chemistry and biology. Karl had an unusual biology similar to animals that can utilise electricity, such as electric eels, along with the ability to use magnetism and his mystery experiments with corpses in order to create zombie beings similar to the moroaciă and samcă, but mechanical variations.

In order to transform, Karl’s body is obliterate to merge with nearby metal; flesh seemingly providing the binding, to morph himself into a large vehicle in a quick metamophisis. This merging with old scrap is reminiscent of Tetsuo: The Iron Man being that this was also a character out of place within their world.

Heisenberg is almost reminiscent of Frankenstein’s monster; a creation who challenges it’s creator and aims to make more like himself.



Salvatore, Italian for saviour. Fitting that the character is determined to defeat the opposition and earn accolade.

Moreau is a french name that may be derivative of moors, in addition, there is a region of France called mountmoreau, the character was given a mountain.

Moreau similar scenario to The island of Dr Moreau, where a scientist lived secluded and did vivisection; merging animals with humans properties, creating new beings that never stabilise.

Moreau’s larger fish form has human teeth and wears his bracelet, whilst the human looking element that’s similar to an angler fish lure lacks his hair or tattoos. Moreau survives inspite of his poor synchronisation with the cadou parasite.

Moreau of RE8 is a spin on this, a human with animal attributes who is in poor physical condition and unable to control when he transforms, technically the mad scientist carrying out human/animal experiments though he also fills the Igor role, goofy, single track mind, devotee and sidekick to a mad scientist/maniacal leader.

Similar and worth including

Now Butana, The island of moreo was by the blue Nile, not far from the white Nile and the red sea. It is now in ruin.

The Sudanese Meroitic period was a later period of Kush, it introduced the first queen with no king. Known Egyptian elements such as ba worship, offering tables for liquids, the belief in the body being reduced to what is essential and vessel containers.

Females who are feminine and decorative, yet have powerful bodies, rule without men and are mothers.

This particular queen, briefly cited above, was said to be the first of the Moroe empire, ruled without alone and took an unusual decor approach of having the gods statues face the wall, very fitting of you know who.

This image is said to depict a ceremony where the queen of Moroe sits with her child, they are both protected by the wings of Isis as they receive gifts.

Arc of the covenant, pillar or moroe, fish people, E.A’s head, Osiris who returned not quite the same, resurrection, essence and 4 beings were 3 are beast around 4 wheels that look like the RE logos for umbrella and what it’s inspired by.


The Duke

‘The Duke’, which happens to be a title higher than lordship or ladyship, is an all knowing character, yet it’s though to work out his alliance:

• he is acknowledged and respected by the four lord, doing business with Lady Dimitrescu and being viewed as a person of interest by Heisenberg, he doesn’t seem to fear Miranda and even warned to townspeople they were in danger

• he’s supportive of Ethan’s journey and mission to kill the four Lords, yet he essentially gives Ethan the same instructions as Miranda; he dictates the same order inwhich Ethan would face off against them and refers to Heisenberg as “the most dangerous”, when the only person who had good reason to believe this was Miranda, who was on to his rebellion against her, the village of shadows storybook she read to Rose outlined her fears and matched the order she wanted her false children gone, an order The Duke mirrored

• The Duke took Ethan to Miranda’s secretive location to face off against her

• he is keen on purchasing the remains of the four Lords, the mutated minions and mini bosses

The Duke is a lot like a Santa Claus character; a jolly large man with kind words and a bounty of goods, a Saint Nick to Miranda’s Krampus, the yang to Miranda’s yin, angel to Miranda’s devil, but take into account that The Duke has no idea what he is and Miranda seems to have void her humanity the moment she connected with the megamycete, it’s debatable whether or not they are two sides to the one coin.

Owls are know throughout spirituality, in various cultures, as wise, otherworldly beings along with harbingers of death. The Duke expressed no thoughts or feeling regarding the mass murders of the villagers and is accepting told the impending demise of the powerful figures targeted by Ethan.

Other characters

The monsters

The moroaciă and samcă are Alcina’s victims, women she has drained of blood and reanimated into ghoulish vampire beings, the moroi being a known name in Romanian folklore, famles are moroaciă, whilst the samcă is a character from a folktale, a being with an unclear identity who is accosted with women, children and diseases. They are a lot like the polish strzyga in appearance.

Uriaş meaning giant. Similar to Uraeus, meaning ‘on its tail’ and ‘upright cobra’, the upright cobra decoration sported by royalty as a symbol of sovereignty, deity and authority. Similar to Uriah, a soldier sent to battle, ultimately sacrificed so that king David could marry Bathsheba, the two later had Solomon, who understood knowledge of the heavens.

Mia and Ethan

Mia’s name could be an acronym for Missing In Action, suiting as she was missing in both RE7 and 8. In addition, the name Mia is also derived from Mary.

The name Ethan, ironically means “firm, enduring, strong and long lived”.

Ethan and Mia’s name meaning combined with their storylines give the impression that Village was planned years in advance, the episodic nature of Resident Evil 7 and 8 offers plausibility to 9 making this phase a trilogy. Though they originate in a previous game, I include Mia and Ethan for this reason.

Megamycete, information and preservation

Rose is turned to crystal, seemingly with a spell, then preserved in liquid, the liquid resembles amber, which is known for preserving matter, crystals are used in storage devices and there are also theories of crystal being tied into akashian records, crystalline consciousness being one; theories like these have words and noise tones creating frequencies, which fits with Miranda speaking mystery words.

Crystal radios are a common, early radio using crystalline, people DIY these with a graphite pencil being a key component.


Megamycete is spoke of in a similar sense to the mushroom of these caves in France, where they state they feel the people who come before them.

This article speaks of how fungus act as an internet and about 90% of land plants are said to communicat with fungi. This wired connection can be used by one plant to steal/leach from another and benefit in a way it wouldn’t otherwise be able to.


It’s possible that Miranda may have been on to something in claiming that the 4 lords, her experiments, were her children, however it’s possible that the 4 lords, Miranda, the Duke, Ethan, Eveline and Rose are all assimilated ‘children’ of the megamycete:

• all lords except Donna become crystal, like Rose

• the Duke, a wise character who doesn’t know what he is yet is acknowledged amongst the lords, speaks of feeling Heisenberg’s essence within his crystal

• Donna’s remains are Angie, Angie was an extension of herself and we’re told Donna devided her cadou amongst her dolls

• Miranda doesn’t appear to turn into crystal, yet we’re at the end of the game at this point, though she’s undeniably something special and makes a remark to Ethan about him being “one of us”

Fungus? Bacteria? Viruses etc

The spanish flu is a form of bird flu, prominent characters Miranda and The Duke have bird association. Flu, bacteria and fungi differ. Village confirms that the viruses of games 1 – 6 were based on studies of the fungi of 8.

Similarities elsewhere

Fullmetal alchemist

Mother Miranda sacrificing the entire village to ensure the successful resurrection of her daughter, was a lot like the destruction of Xerxes of Full Meral Alchemist, which offered the artificial human, later named Father; a being of only consciousness, a solid body, one in image of the only remaining human, now an immortal, named Hohenhiem, named after an alchemist nicknamed the ‘father of toxicology’. If successful, Miranda and Eva would have been the only people left in the area.

Father, like the megamycete, has a collection of consciousness’ from dead townspeople, dates back to a prior culture and gave Hohenheim, like Miranda, knowledge and immortality.

Father was made of Hohenheim’s blood, whilst Eva was Miranda’s child.

Mother Miranda, like Father, used trickery to get people to follow her as a religious leader, only to use these people as test subjects and sacrifices. Neither see humans as equals, mere property.

Father and Mother Miranda created children who were powerful, loyal and disposable, something that only seemed to bother their one rebellious child, Greed in Father’s case and Heisenberg in Miranda’s. Their means of creating their ‘children’ were similar, humans who had successfully synchronized with the cadou parasite made from the megamycete (RE8) and some who were humans injected with the philosophers stone in liquid form (FMA). Eveline and Gluttony are notable exceptions.

Alice’s adventures in wonderland/ Through the looking glass

The first book has the a load of odd beings and megalomaniac Queen of Hearts. Alice was a little girl lost. The queen has others painting white roses red.

The pinwheel logo of red umbrella could resemble a flower, there are just as many white segments as red. (Red) Umbrella have been the villainous force the majority of the franchise, though they’re toppled, their memory remains and, other forces have been at play who are just as chaotic and they’re spinoff divisions claiming to be better is questionable.

We have the character Rose Winters, who has near white hair, she’s similar to an Alice; an innocent child yet important figure. She’s working a job we won’t know until the next Resident Evil outing and what organisations prevails we don’t know yet. Worth noting that there was a group known as the White Rose; a peaceful organisation that opposed nazi regime in the early 40s.

White and red are common symbols historically, the war of the roses had the feuding sects; the red rose house of Lancashire and white Rose House of York come together on the 15th century and form the House of Tudor, a red and white rose being the logo.

White and red is a theme in the next book, Through the looking glass, where we have the white queen and the red queen, they along with the story, are based on the board game chess, which revolves around the queen, who can move anywhere and mustn’t be caught by the opposition. (Note that Chess is argued to be part based on the war of the roses).

The white queen comes across very hapless, yet she’s a queen non the less, her husband, the white king, can’t keep up with her and her daughter, Lily, is too little to fulfil her role. Alice takes Lily’s place and goes on an adventure where she would have to work her way up the ranks; meeting off characters along the way as she goes from pawn to queen.

Within village, Mia, like in the last game, knows more than she let’s on. Mia comes across innocent yet is a secretive woman who is complicit in human engineering within a black market organisation, she was also aware that her husband was a zombie, unbeknownst to him, their daughter Rose is a baby. Ethan is the husband in the dark, but also takes the hero role, faces challenges and works his way up the ranks, form supposed ordinary guy, to someone like the lords and Miranda.

Ancient ‘Cross’ stories

Ashurnasirpal II performs religious rituals before the sacred tree. From Nimrud, Iraq. 865-860

A ritual is being performed to a tree, a tree and a spore arent too far off. Offerings are made, we have winged beings and if you take this image at face value, the being in the centre could be overseeing the other four key figures.

Within what may be this period, we get a similar imagery of the the winged figure above the tree, but containing a cross. The cross is similar to that of the resident evil games, the logo for umbrella corp, which we find was ripped off from symbolism in Miranda’s village.

Putting together the wings, cross, four divisions with a fifth in the centre, that may be an all seeing eye, we have these images…

The crosses on the top row and the umbrella logo could double up as a flowers.
Wings and halos are present in the top right and bottom left images, whilst the umbrella logo resembles a pinwheel – windmill.
All seeing eye symbols in the bottom left picture upon the halo, within the top 2 pictures from the left, possibly all 3, possibly an all seeing eye suggested with the wise old woman ‘character’ in the middle left.
Something or someone of importance in the centre. Centre of an organisation, or lifeform.
This image at face value has one engineer dividing energy four ways towards antennas/plants and symbols, whilst managing four groups of workers doing a similar job.
A ‘wise person’ who carries a cane and other ornate objects stands before assorted crests.

Cross symbolism, along with that of halos, often ties in he eclipse, which means something different within throughout cultures, yet is universally seen as a devine event. The term occult comes from the word occultation, a term in astronomy which explains one object passing by and hiding another.

The eclipse forms a halo in the sky, around the sun or moon, the sun is viewed as a male and the moon a female in many cultures, which may be why; (female) witches, ‘dark magic’ and nigh time gathering and ceremonies are associated with one another.

The halo is sported by celestial beings and saints in old artwork, with the cross within the halo being a symbol of Jesus.

Angel (1999-2004)

The TV show Angel, a spinoff of the TV show Buffy, not only delved into detail of what a vampire was; a demon that replaces the soul of a dead and vampire-blood-contaminated person, but offered us a storyline inwhich an eldritch being known as Jasmine, muscled its way into existence, writing itself into historical documents in ordered to enable the special circumstances needed to bring about its birth.

Without Jasmine there would be no Angel, probably no Darla, no Conner, no gifted Cordelia.

Like in RE8, Rose is a “miracle” baby, born to cured mutant Mia and mould zombie Ethan. Jasmine was born to Connor; a super powered, mortal human born to two vampires, a father cursed with a soul, the only one in the world at that time, the a mother who physically couldn’t give birth as vampires can’t, thus had to choose to take her own life, and Cordelia, a woman who got gifted with a demons powers of foresight.

Jasmine, like Miranda, elected herself as a deity, both required human sacrifices.

I wonder if the megamycete, which is sentient, as it spawns clones of the dead to protect itself, has a wider agenda of its own? It’s relationship with Miranda seems to be a symbiotic one, but are they both benefiting? Is Miranda working alongside the megamycete, is she serving it as the locals serve her, or is she but an avatar for it?

Why Mother Miranda is villainous perfection 

Village, the latest installment of Resident Evil is quite interesting.

A good stand alone game whilst off the bat proving a suiting, episodic sequel to seventh game and the rebuilding that followed, however it holds a strong similarity to the four outing and it’s odd culture in a rural setting theme, then, it manages to unite with all  the games of the franchise with a piece of origin story.

Who is part responsible for the events of of all RE tales, highly responsible for the events of eight  and rules the roost in this small village? Mother Miranda.

A powerful ascended human, a prophet, living deity, scientist and not so loving, ‘mother’.

Spoilers ahead

Feel free to skip to ultimately at the end for a spoiler free summary

What makes Miranda a great villain?

In each and every conceivable area she could be a little decent, she isn’t.

○ She’s a boss, but a horrible one

○ she’s a woman of medicine, but also a mad scientist

○ A parent, but one who pits the children against one another

Let’s look further..

She is a fraud

Taglined ‘Village’, this latest story bought us to a small and secluded village in peril. Peril being total decimation of the town, an abrupt slaughter of the towns people at the hands, not claws but hands, of lycan’s, a wolf manifestation stemming from infected humans, these infected beasts being fellow townspeople.

Turns out, lycan are a reasonably common occurrence within this village, a village that knows poverty and death along with this deadly mutantion, yet the local hold on to their confidence in Miranda protecting them.

Mother Miranda is their beloved leader afterall, she has “always protected” them, she’s their prophet who has lived an unnaturally long life, the saviour who was curing the sick of disease likely before any elder was born.

Official concept art

Yet is she protecting them? No! Not only do we witness her straight murder pleading local, we find that she orchestrated this mayhem.

Why is this exodus happening?

Miranda is performing a mass sacrifice, yet somehow, with her attitude, it sits well as but a social cleanse.

Not only is she responsible for the chaos at present, she has shaped the climate of this small community since the early the 20th century. Lycan were a side effect of the treatment Miranda once offered, treatment it turns out was not experimental, but covert experiments, experiments that continued until the present.

The trusting everyday person doesn’t know that they’re livestock and Miranda is about to shut up shop.

She has a sob story, she lampshades it

To expand further, we do find that Miranda has modest and tragic roots.

Over a century ago, Miranda lost her 10 year old daughter, Eva, to the Spanish flu. Devastated, she no longer wanted to live. She took to a cave to end her life, yet it was here where she began her accidental ascension.

Miranda stumbled upon the megamycete, a giant, powerful spore within the cave that cataloged environmental information, including the consciousness of the dead.

Miranda gained power and intel just by touching the megamycete, she recognized the healing properties of the spore and knew she could use it to do something about the sick townsfolk. She also believed resurrecting her daughter was possible.

Sounds good right?

A grief stricken mother could resurrect her child and aid the sick?

Well, seems things were never going to be that simple and being that Miranda gained knowledge from the megamycete, she would have known this.

Miranda set out to use her powers exclusively for her own good, immediately.

To fulfill a personal mission no matter whose expenses it was at, she became ‘Mother Miranda’, had the traditional locals beleiving she was a prophet. She secretly cultivating the spore and used it within treatment for the sick, quickly winning people over with initially positive results, however those she aided were actually being screened for suitablity for a further experiment, which was to be a vessel for her Eva.

Though as time went by, assuming the rampant disease died down, people would go missing, yet magic Miranda was still the saviour protecting everyone. Aristocratic was to blame, people disappeared on their property after all.

Apparently, townspeople were unaware that the cut above quartet were but sidekick to you know who.

She’s a master manipulator, with a catalogue of powers at hand

Miranda is that all knowing character, because she’s the one who orchestrated this entire story, before the story came to be – we follow an animated telling of a odd fairytale that just so happens to parallel the misadventures to come, in order.

This is no coincidence, turns out this was an attempt at either grooming or mockery, perhaps both?

Turns out, in efforts to abduct Rose Winters, a potentially special baby essential for her experiment, Mother Miranda shapeshifed into the childs mother, Mia. She abducted Mia and subject her to series of  experiments whilst successfully simulating a relationship with Mia’s husband and father of their daughter, Ethan Winters.

It’s worth mentioning that the scenes we have of Mia-Miranda with Ethan are pleasant enough, there’s a good chance she has been intimate with him, making her a predator too.

She’s opportunistic

Not only has she exploited the villagers sickness and poverty, we must remember, this is a small, remote community with its own traditions believes.

Though based on Romanian folklore, this is a culture of it’s own that an outsider likely wouldn’t be familiar with, however, this is Miranda’s culture, so equip with her new powers, knew exactly how to appeal to the masses.

Miranda claimed to be a prophet of the black god. In slavic cultures, there is a ‘black god’ named Czernobog/chernobog, known to be a harbinger of misery such as illness and famine – this village was going through a rough spot with disease.

Motherhood means everything to her, yet still..

In spite of successfully slotting into the family setting and easily being a good mother, we soon find that Miranda is far from that.

Upon being busted, Miranda rushes to put her plans into action, she holds a meeting with her oblivious four underlings, Alcina Dimitrescu, Donna Beneviento, Salvatore Moreau and Karl Heisenberg, the four Lords of the village, who are also turn out to be Miranda’s adopted children.

Baby Rose not being a regular human proves true, as the 6 month old has already survived an experiment that would guarantee death, that being that she has been rendered to essence and divided into four jars, stored at the premises of each lord. If Ethan wants his daughter back and intact, he will have to go through each of them first.

Was any of this really necessary? No.

Unbeknownst to her “false children”, they are also destined to be collateral within their ‘mothers’ great reset.

Villans they may be, yet they are placed in a position where they have little choice but to go up against Ethan, likewise, Ethan must go up against all of them.


We get to know Mother Miranda’s adopted “false children”. A mixed bag bunch full of personality, the descended of the towns founders, once powerful aristocratic families. These four adults were as good as disinherited and the last of their lines.

Miranda has provided them with gifts, treating them to properties that were once in their families, yet she will also remind them to “remember from whence they came”.

We as viewers also have the reminder looming over us that the ‘cadou’, the megamycete based organism created by Miranda, which successfully synchronized with the four Lords, literally translates to ‘gift’. These forced and unpredictable ‘gifts’ grant them their powers, yet Miranda goes a step further in ensuring they all stay in their personal lane.

Alcina joined the family at 44 years old, most likely in the 1950s, she had and continues to have a rare condition that would prevent her from living a normal life. Since mutating however, she lives in her ancestral castle, has three adopted mutant daughters and lives an lifestyle where her rare ailment is no longer a problem.

Donna expresses herself through her dolls, mainly her childhood doll Angie. She is noted to be mentally ill. She is an agoraphobia woman who had lost her family and was happy to be adopted by Miranda. The powers she manifested allow her to express herself in a way to suit her.

Salvatore’s past is still a mystery, though once a regular person who viewed Miranda as a saviour , he’s now a sickly, heavily mutated individual with a serve head injury, who views Miranda as his parent. He is far from materialistic and Miranda isn’t interested in playing family with him, only exploiting his loyalty.

Karl was taken as a child, despite this he woke up to Miranda’s tyranny, realizing she sees no difference between family and property. He works in his factory sneakily conducting experiments of his own that are removed from Miranda’s practices. Though she keeps her distance, she’s on to him.

All four were and are vulnerable, yet what makes them so special?

They survived. They survived her cadou experiments were most die, morph into lycan or ghoulish zombie beings. The four lords lived, retained human intellect and attained paranormal abilities.

Though they’re not deemed good enough vessels for Eva, they’re not so much success stories, but progress to Mother, though do they know they’re nothing but projects gone right? Perhaps.

Mother Miranda keeps them at a distance, yet is keeping tabs on them, she keeps them busy and at a distance from one another, she’s a textbook narcissistic parent; only interested in what her kin can do for her – they are to work, follow orders and know their place. The four Lords, like most families ruled over by such a parent, could have lived better lives in hindsight, had they been closer with one another, had Alcina not been ridged in her gratitude and debt, had Donna not been left to her own comfortable devices, had all been more inclusive of Moreau and had Karl been able to speak and atleast be heard.

Though like a true psychopath, Miranda doesn’t do favourites, infact, she actually sets Ethan’s up to take out the two lords who were most likely the least ‘problematic to her’ first, Alcina and Donna; both independent, hardworking and rather complacent, whilst Moreau seeked nothing but inclusion and Heisenberg loathed Miranda. Furthermore, Chris and his team had gotten comfortable in Moreau and Heisenberg’s territories, meaning they were always accessible.

She’s arguably fussy

In her search for the perfect vessel for Eva, she seemingly has had some success?

Considering all she was looking for from anyone, man, woman or child, was a body that could l splice with Eva’s consciousness within the megamycete, why didn’t she use either of her highly suitable children, Karl or Donna?

Miranda notes Donna’s mental illness, but so what if Donna was mentally ill, Donna would be gone.

Miranda never states her reason as to why Karl is unsuitable, though in the present, she doesn’t trust him personally yet keeps him around for his service.

This nothing but speculation as to what could justify her decisions:

  • Is human rendered essence needed to rebuild a person?
  • Do they not become essence like Rose does?
  • How and when would she attain proof for or against? They’re still standing?
  • How are we to know they’re good candidates but unsuitable?
  • She cares little for them, what did she have to loose in trying the fusion out?

Looks like she’s keen on not letting a good soldier go to waste.

It also turns out Miranda was majority responsible for the creation of Evelyn; artificial human and antagonist of the previous game, a boss as formidable as Miranda herself.

It just so happens, Evelyn, aged 3, aged herself up to 10 years old, the exact age Eva was, Evelyn also decided she wanted to build her own family, exactly what Miranda did. It seems however that Miranda didn’t like Evelyn personally and since the village wipeout has come as a surprise, Evelyn clearly never excited her as much as Rose.

I could be wrong here, yet still, Miranda got excited at the chance to have her fresh start with Eva, behaving as though she had already succeeded. Screening Rose was doubtful, she was quick to snatch and pull apart this fresh baby and frankly, she showed us no signs of being able to recognizing Eva’s consciousness.

She’s a chameleon

Shapeshifing into Mia, posing as a healer and living god, hiding behind her fierce ‘children’.

Wait, there’s more..

She will go out into the world and blend in. Sporting a lab coat and a change of appearance, yet not quite incognito, she played the professional, atleast once, working in a laboratory conducting experiments with shifty people, before returning home to her little traditional village and hub of her power, the megamycete.

Furthermore, she manipulated the gameplay a second time, presenting us with her wise and all knowing, loopy old lady costume.

Whilst on this note, she knocked up another major achievement…

She’s a mentor

Oswell E Spencer, the nemesis (not to be confused with the character Nemesis) of a number of previous Resident Evil games, happened to be Mother Miranda’s ambitious student, who went on to go down the path of creating viruses. He wrote her a letter of thanks and ripped off symbolism from the village to use as the logo for umbrella.

She’s not mad with power, more neutral

Miranda doesn’t come across deranged. She is confident and calculating and in spite of being a mass murderer, she comes across as content with a modest existence, no apparent plans for world domination, no competition to topple, she seems to just want her child back.

Is she an ingenious former human who exited humanity down to her gift and the insight it offered?

Has she fallen out of touch with others down to the length of time she has been different?

Is she just powerful? Always this person at heart and like Donna, able to be her true self with the help of her paranormal powers?

Her actions raise questions:

  • Why would she bring her daughter back into the world, only to isolate her in a ghost town? There’s no community left
  • Would Miranda ever relocate, removing herself from the megamycete?
  • Does she expect her daughter to be powerful like her false children?
  • What if she’s close to human?
  • What if she doesn’t like Eva personally?
  • Could Eva be held to such high esteem that even she can’t live up to it?

Thing is, all these questions likely make no difference.

Heisenberg is right about her lack differentiation between family and experiment, Mother Miranda gives off the impression that her objectives working out are all that matters.

She may have been a loving mother back in the day, but bringing back Eva may be nothing a task complete.

I doubt that she would separate from her power source, she seems to have become highly invested in her work.

Frankly, what the megamycete and her cadou can do next is an understandable curiosity, yet would she ever have retired her lifes work?

She may not have given the future she looked forward to much thought, yet she comes across as someone who is never wrong.

Is anything she does agreeable?

Wanting a loved one back from the dead is something many of us would jump at the chance at, but how many would gladly end many innocent lives to do this?

Wanting power and control during chaotic times is understandable, yet it takes a certain someone to know they must become a murderous, con artist dictator with immediate effect.

I agree keeping the secrets of the megamycete to herself makes sense, her actions aside, she needed to attain and retain an easier existence, which required plenty of support. She did do something with her research in creating the cadou and ulterior motive aside, she did still aid people, some, as far as we know, got better or some had quality of life before becoming monster servants.

Honestly, who doesn’t want to live like royalty?

If it wasn’t Miranda’s tyranny at the forefront, it would be someone else’s.

All just returns back to her being a megalomaniac.


She’s easily one of the best villains I’ve seen.

She has a sad backstory but she’s quickly far removed from it and isn’t it nice to get a female adversary who isn’t ‘jealous’ of another and wasn’t ‘driven mad by a man’?

The four Lords of Resident Evil 8 – character depth and confusion

Resident evil 8 came out and all I can say is, it’s great!

From the bleak and vast scenery, to the refreshing story that manages to prove a fitting sequel to its (also great) predecessor, to its clever tie in of all games, its sequel setup and its stand alone factor, I highly reccomend it, but the greatest selling point of this entry has to be, the characters.

This is a slight a character study based entirely on perceptions I’ve seen throughout the likes of comment sections and articles.

Criticism is generally interesting, yet within Resident Evil 8, our antagonistic characters are so well rounded, I’m finding it tough to see anything, out of place.

I’m seeing critique such as:

• Lady D is not a great mother after all, she spoke about the effort it took to raise her daughters, which means she saw them as nothing but property 

• Donna is mentally ill and did nothing wrong 

• Moreau is manipulative and playing up being down trodden, how could he be childlike yet trick Ethan and carry out experiments 

• Heisenberg says he wants freedom but he is in the wrong and just as bad as Miranda for wanting to use Rose and making bioweapons

My argument to these questions is..

Why not?

Why must they be one element or another?

Does being a parent stop you being a person?

Does an ailment or two occupy each and every aspect of your entire life?

Does being unfavourable and confident mean your hardship matters less?

I’ll explore further…

Why can’t Alcina be devastated at her daughters unexpected murder AND be upset that all the dedication she put into parenting has been tossed to the wind?

She’s within reason to feel Ethan “ruined everything”.

Personally, I can’t understand how anyone could dismiss over 60 years of closeness and unwavering routine, this family didn’t set out to impress anyone, they seemed happy as they were.

Lady D grew attached to her daughters the moment they were ‘born’, spoilt them rotten, was keen to bring home a gift (Ethan) and held them to high esteem, she was obviously a materialistic and arrogant person, does these factors  render someone no parent?

This may seem a strange example, but imagine someone claiming your child, or even dog, was no good, simply because they disliked children or animals. Though it’s a given to want to defend your loved one, is it beyond reason to not appreciate someone dismissing all the effort, love, care and teaching you put in?

Why underestimate Donna?

A generic ‘mental illness’ tag, on top of her nature and tragic upbringing still doesn’t mean cluelessness just slots right in there too. From what little we get of her, she was very expressive through Angie and had one line of dialogue as Donna, yet she always made sense. 

Yes, she has a childlike nature and appeared to play hide and seek, yet she also subjected Ethan to a twisted and very personal test, the realistic Mia manican and unnerving voice messages that made up a storyline, before this horror escalated to introduce BABY!

Our all knowing merchant the Duke let us know her playmates never leave.

Donna maintained a professional relationship for many years with her gardener, who had known her since childhood, yet he vanished upon receiving an invited into Donna’s home, this was just as her powers came in, powers he was the first to experience.

It may be easy to underestimate Donna as we get more Angie and no big monstrous shape shift, but Donna did not need a giant monster form to hold her own, she had a skill set that differed from even Miranda’s.

It’s easily possible Donna was an immature lady immersed in her own ideal world, happily able to express properly – a way that was perfect for her, all down to receiving her gift and the powers that manifested, all whilst also being able to understand and follow orders. 

She was a creative by trade, had she lived in a booming capital city where she was paid high pay for commissions, how many would see her as just another eccentric artist?

Why is it hard to believe that Moreau, the family scapegoat who’s desperate to be liked, could figure out that he could stall someone, who hung around to heckle him, by keeping them talking?  

Could he, like Donna, have a childlike nature, yet be competent and formidable opposition? Yes.

Is it possible that he’s the classic case of brain injury? Where a basic black and white outlook is sadly common, social norms and filters are few, motor skills aren’t always great and sickness can be common, yet somewhere in there may still exists a person struggling to express themselves who is then seldomly given the chance because ‘disabled’? Yes.

Are both the case? Maybe?

Why would anyone enjoy being picked on and singled out by their family they’re clearly attached to? Not everyone is up for cutting ties or fighting or bantering back. Unfortunately, many people allow narcissists to occupy too much of their time.

How could anyone deny his sadness and modest needs? Not only is his sorry state clearly uncomfortable and all his dialogue telling, but he detailed his treatment in notes that matched the sob story he tried on Ethan, meaning this tale was no lie, a distraction but transparency none the less.

Why dismiss all of Heisenberg’s efforts to break free and topple a long serving dictator?

Efforts that took place over some period of time, before the Winter’s were on the scene, all because he was keen on using a fellow bioweapon? 

As wrong as it may seem to suggest using Rose, whatever that entails, being a test subject is all he knows, it’s his reality and probably not even much of a necessary evil. 

He was realistic enough to know he needed help and he was sensible enough to not throw his life away in a wasted earlier attempt to go up against Miranda.

He didn’t succeed in his plans to make change, so who knows where his schemes would take him in the future had things worked his way. 

Miranda set to work manipulating the vulnerable immediately upon gaining insight, Heisenberg grew up under her reign and received favorable treatment from Miranda, yet still woke up to the fact that she doesn’t see the difference between family and property, why dismiss his experience?

Things worth acknowledging…

Responsible, loving and caring people can still have room to be shallow.

*Disability is rarely some stop sign that renders its host inept in all areas, don’t be surprised when those who chronically struggle surprise you.

There isn’t a right or wrong way for a victim to behave, what we grew up knowing never really goes away, but influence isn’t as simple as a circle.

All in all…

I feel the characters of Resident Evil 8 do a great job at being sympathetic villains who are quite human, inspite of being mutants. Fleshed out characters are often sought after and generally questioned, so well done to the writers.

Alcina, who’s decadence is clear, being  materialistic and a good mother, it’s possible, it’s honestly not that unusual?

Donna and Moreau being playful and needy, immature adults who were happy to be adopted regardless of age, yet  also being proactive, good at their jobs and being capable of displaying a malice and manipulation that can only come with life experience, nice to see this all being plausible.

Karl wanting to escape a matter of fact bad environment whilst also having confidence and ambitions that may or may not parallel his leaders? Must everyone escape and be a charitable saint who knows better? Only time could have told if the Miranda-Karl comparison was even fair.

Taking a back seat, we see that the heart of this story was family. The hero’s quest to resucue his family almost takes a backseat to the four Lord’s and their highly unconventional yet easily familiar  family structure, featuring close parent child relationships, not so close relations, idealism, neglect, divisions, mental illness, physical illness, complacency and oppression, along with the age old concept of adults behaving like bratty children when they’re around their siblings.

My take away..

We may miss out if we pigeonhole ourselves and others, along with unconsciously setting a standard that isn’t attainable.

Be yourself and remember, you can love both cats and dogs.



These are just my options. I frequently browsing comment sections  to see what others think, a force of habit down to often (or allegedly) not seeing what others have seen, so feel free to disagree, I’m not calling anybody out.

I generally lean more towards a villan, mainly because writers tend to get a bit more creative and exercise some range  with an antagonist, that fleshing out often means something they do or say may resonate (weather or not you’re in agreement), yet on the other hand, people will then keeping writing safe with the good guy, as they don’t want them to be disliked.

The Lobster, a dystopian sequel to Tusk

Think of a literal play sayings along the lines of; “They’re nothing more than an animal”, now imagine those people spoken of did become animals.

Envision years down the line, people, as they do today, grow stressed out at the social standards they’re expected to meet; be in a relationships, have children, have a great friend circle, a good job, bills paid, a nice house etc. As a result of these pressures, they feel a slight desire to leave humanity behind and live free, like the animals.

Now take into account that people’s thoughts are heavily influenced by the judgements of others, and often, others may well hold authority.

Authority to do what suits them and the power to impose their depraved interests and stonch views on ‘lesser’ people.

2014 offered us Tusk

Within Tusk, we have a not so liked human undergoing an unconsensual surgery to turn him into an animal, one that means a lot to the madman surgeon.

Then, 2015 offered film The Lobster

Within The Lobster, we have humans rendered undesirable to others having no choice but to choose what animal they will to become.


You don’t fit in?

You’re not productive enough?

Well, you don’t deserve to be a human.

Neither are thrillers, both appear to be satirical black comedy with little horror element and a more deadpan delivery for The Lobster; like the comedy aspect, or life and drive, got toned down, which could offer a fitting continuation to a story like Tusk were depraved acts have now settled into the norm.

Whist Tusk feels present, where a heavily detailed, crude, backstreet surgery is performed in a fairly isolated, targeted attack, by a maniac with money, loose morals and a strong stomach, The Lobster has professional, clean and secretive procedures performed behind a closed door being the norm in this off, futuristic world, where human behaviour and choice are well managed by others.

What do you think of this direction into nature appreciation?


now here’s a funny little ode

a nod to the past

story books of tales old

stories from childhood

affectionately told

kings and queens of the castle

green eyed villains

the dirty rascal

princesses so sweet and fair

princes who may be knights

good as clear as summer sunlight

bad as dark as a winter’s night

who will sweep her off her feet?

who’s the damsel he will meet?

what does the seated king command?

what does the crowned queen demand?

luxury, power, people at hand

knowing their place

they follow

they stand

~ will o 2021


Named after the ancient greek, possible demigod Narcissus, a beautiful man with an effortless commanding presence, someone everybody and anyone fell for or waited on. There are numberours Narcissus stories, yet the ending remains the same, his love of his own image spells his end.

Narcissism is a topic that has increased in popularity over the years, a good thing for the most part, though popularity can render a subject matter trivial via constant and sometimes questionable application

On the other hand, it’s helpful to be able to put a name to a face.

Seeing it

The realisation that that thing you put up with, in childhood, school, work, or in a relationship, that thing you may still be enduring, isn’t your imagination, you aren’t being dramatic or paranoid, you’re not projecting.


• look

• avoidance

• selective hearing

• small act of spite

• constant disappointment

• performance for outsiders

• range of lack of to exaggerated reaction reserved for a special one or two

• unabashed display of behaviour we’re taught is unacceptable during childhood

• use of and accurate application of phrases such as “happy wife happy life”, “don’t upset your mother”, “know your place”

Do these vague notes sound familiar?

There’s a chance you may have been, or are still currently a part of, a narcissist reality.

A reality that ranges from being metaphorical chess pieces; holding varying degrees of importance

or alternatively

drafts pieces; every player in this game is on the same statutory level, be tough the golden child or scapegoat.

The latter example may boarder on a depiction of a psycho/sociopath, someone who has narcissism within within their arsenal of antisocial traits, definitely a calculating person rather than an immature one.

It’s impact

Imagine knowing that there are those out there who:

• want friends, but the friends must be followers

• want family around, who conform to their rank in an imaginary army

• want that ‘in a relationship’ status and/or access on command to anothers body, but don’t want to deal with the living, breathing, thinking, feeling individual that comes as part of the package

• want their children to serve as their loyal subjects, but don’t want to nurture them, or raise them

• want a life of luxury but don’t want to put in any effort to attain it

Imagine finding yourself united with such a person, or realising you have been around one your entire life?

So often people are questioned as to why they stuck around so long in an unhappy relationship, or a dreadful job, or around their needy family, or with that troublesome friend.

So often, their circumstances are complex.

A lack of self esteem is the go to label and so often the case, yet on the other hand, what if antisocial behaviour radiates from the one reaping the benefits?

Doing something about it?

Unfortunately, the majority of time, there is nothing you can do about it.

You can try talking to narcy, yet they’re generally never wrong, throwing a tantrum and resorting to intimidation or guilt tripping the moment something they realise what they may be facing is common.

Many shrinks would admit, it’s often not their clients who’s at fault, and so often, nothing will change until they leave that environment, or person, in their past.

Easier said than done, many found themselves bound by an invisible chain of emotional blackmail.

A psychiatrist can only help their client, they can do nothing about anothers behaviour.

Yet if we could control others with the likes of magic, wave a wand and erase the narcy out of them, would that be ethical?

Changing Narcy for not only the great of good, but for their benefit. Would this be a good deed, or an act of abuse? A display of narcissism?


It seems you can only really work on yourself.

If you can’t speak to anyone, depending on your own grasp on your state of being, perhaps check out forums and videos detailing examples and personal experiences of those who endure a tyrants reign. As they say

a problem shared is a problem halved

And often, it doesn’t matter who shared it.

Strengthen your character, look back on the past and acknowledge your experience, know when you’re being mistreated, don’t be a pushover and work on being polite yet assertive.

In addition, spot the narcy regardless or who the target is, don’t enable them by playing their side for a quiet life and if you’re up for it, let those they do target know you’re there, you see, you hear and you know.

If you’re up for it and you have power, perhaps approach in the narcy in the most polite and vague way possible, touching upon gossip, cliques, privacy, progress and ability, alluding to subject matters people don’t want to be on the wrong side of. These individuals are often masters of passive aggression yet highly immature at the same time.

Know when to distance yourself as best you can, time is precious, how much of yours are you handing over to others?

Best of luck.

Know it, use it, don’t loose it!


In this video, titled ‘This is what happens when you stop moving‘, we see how the fibers of our bodies react to inactivity.


Berberin and Metformin are chemicals that likely aren’t household names.


I had never heard of these prior.

Here’s a little lowdown…

As explained at:

In the old days, farmers had to carefully replenish the nutrient levels of their fields and pastures with compost, crop rotation, and soil rest intervals to maintain soil fertility. Now, they bypass this replenishing process through the use of chemical based fertilizers (that allow crops to continue growing), but deplete the soil of naturally occurring minerals and pH balancing microorganisms.

Found at:

Is a briefing of what these acids do:

Humic acids are the organic substances that coagulate when the strong-base extract is acidified while fulvic acids are the organic substances that remain soluble when the strong-base extract is acidified

Though I’m quite sure most of us would say they know what acid is, I thought, ‘what is the actual definition of acid?’.

So I’ve also added this…

1. Chemistrya. Any of a class of substances whose aqueous solutions are characterized by a sour taste, the ability to turn blue litmus red, and the ability to react with bases and certain metals to form salts.b. A substance that yields hydrogen ions when dissolved in water.c. A substance that can act as a proton donor.d. A substance that can accept a pair of electrons to form a covalent bond.

Possible causes for abdominal aches in women.

Immortality? – Sea Urchins

There are a bunch of being that just, remain.

Plant, trees that are thousands of years old, intelligent shrooms that seemingly communicate like the cells of our bodies, species like aloe vera and hemps cloning themselves within the comfort of your home, there ‘offspring’ popping up beside them.

Single cell organisms, think of those bugs that will make us sick. They grow and divide, but when attacked by the likes of chemical cleaner, they will create a whole new and improved baby within a hard, nucleus egg, that takes note of the agent that killed its parent.

Fleshy being, such as the tortoise who’s slow metabolism is credit to its longevity, contrast to the known to be energic, yet fellow long lifer parrot.

Jellyfish species that are said to be immortal, and now, sea urchins.

This odd find details a Sea Urchins re-emerging as adults, but in miniature.

No children, a lot like the plants touched upon prior, real mini me.

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